Intro to iOS: First Impressions

I have finished the first two¬†sections of “Intro to iOS App Development with Swift”. Each section took me approximately forty-five minutes to watch, following along as I did so. Your mileage may vary, depending on whether or not you have Xcode installed and how familiar you are with it.

I am glad to see that the course has (mostly) kept up with the latest versions of Xcode and Swift.  This is especially important with Swift, because Swift 3 is dramatically improved over earlier iterations of the language. I was also pleased to actually learn some things: 1) Some useful keyboard shortcuts (that, had I been paying attention, I should have known already), and 2) How to quickly identify which user-interface elements are connected to bits of IBAction and IBOutlet code. Small things, yes, but at this rudimentary level I was not expecting anything really. I was also pleased that they demonstrated how things can go slightly awry and that this is normal and OK in the short-term and can eventually be overcome with a little thought and care.

Overall, a very good beginning.

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