Intro to iOS: View Controller and Multiple Views

This section was a little bit more involved, so it took a little bit longer than the first two at about sixty minutes. Not much to comment on here as none of the material was new or particularly enlightening for me. I did notice that my stop recording button is the same size as the record button. I’m not certain if the instructor added additional constraints on the image or if the instructor’s image has different dimensions than the stop recording button offered in the download. No matter, the button works the same whether it is large or small. For the record, I think the width and height have each been constrained to a size of fifty points. You can do that if you want your button to look like the instructor’s button.

Also, don’t dragĀ all of the provided images into the Assets.xcassets folder. Everything that starts with “Icon” will eventually go into the AppIcon squares, so leave them out for now. If the instructors don’t come back to it, I will explain them here in a future post.

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