Sliding Into Familiar Territory

This course starts out strong and I like the dynamic between the two instructors, but here in the middle of Lesson 3 we are starting to slide into familiar territory. The lessons are about one thing (e.g. service workers), but the quizzes are about another (e.g. finding information on the web about responses and string comparisons). We just (in 3.15) had a quiz that sets you up for one answer (using fetch() in a new Response), only to leave you baffled as to why we just use fetch(), no new Response needed.

(Hmm, fetch() returns a Response. Maybe it was obvious in retrospect.) Be that as it may, they make a big deal of it, but they don’t really explain it.

And another recurring Udacity problem is the out-of-dateness of the material. That seems especially unforgivable with the big build-up to this course. The (video) material is about two-years old, and there has been no attempt to update the course notes. Considering that they are encouraging us to live on the bleeding edge by downloading and using Google Chrome Canary, you would think that they would have expected everything to change a great deal in a short amount of time.

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