Monthly Archives: September 2013


I finally received my HTML5 Game Development Certificate. Along with the certificate, I received an evaluation of the project. I would have preferred a much higher score, but considering my complete lack of time to devote to the project, I think it is an almost fair evaluation.

My score seems to have suffered greatly for not putting the code into an online repository. I had already come to the same conclusions about online repositories myself, and since Maxwell’s Demon, and before receiving this evaluation, I have moved all of my code for my other projects into BitBucket. Oddly, my reasons for doing so have less to do with those given in the evaluation and more to do with issue tracking. Either way, the results are the same: more robust programming.

I am also disappointed that I got dinged for having files and classes in the project that are not used, because we were explicitly told to use the files and classes we were given in the online class. Had I been given free reign to start from scratch, I guarantee Maxwell’s Demon would be much, much cleaner and more elegant code.

I suppose now that the course, certificate, and evaluation are complete that I am free to do just that. And perhaps I will in the future. For now though, my focus is on Steampunk Road. Since that is my current project, that is where I am doing my current blogging too, should you wish to read more of my online ramblings.