Intro to iOS: Delegation and Recording

I was not too happy with the mix of disparate subjects here: AVFoundation, delegation, and segues. I am also disappointed in the sloppy coding practices employed. I really don’t think it would be too much trouble to teach error handling the right way, right at the beginning. Or at a minimum, to use proper error-handling code and say “This is error handling code. We will get into that later on down the road, but for now just copy it in” so people get used to seeing it and doing it. Instead, people get used to seeing how to avoid doing error handling and consequently get used to avoiding error handling.

It took me awhile to getting around to this next lesson; a lot longer than I would have liked. I was about to defect to working with Firebase, but I did not have time for that either. So when I did get some time, I came back to finish at least this first course on the path to attaining a nano degree.

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