Switching Tracks

Clearly, my plans for posting within the week did not pan out. What is more, I have temporarily stepped away from learning Android development to get a nanodegree in iOS development. Toward that end, I am currently involved in the “Intro to iOS App Development with Swift” class.

I am generally pleased with the class so far, although I have a great deal of familiarity with iOS app development already. Swift is new to me — of course, because Swift is a new language to everyone — but not much of the course has been about Swift. We have been promised more Swift in a future class toward the iOS Developer nanodegree.

I can tell Udacity has been learning more and more about what makes a successful online course. We are being strongly encouraged to participate in the forums and to create a community. In that vein, we are supposed to make a blog post about some particular subject. I need to go back and find that request and make that post here, but I am once again out of time, so look for that in the next post.

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