Looks Like I Am Out of Time

I tried adding the floor using Tiled and TexturePacker — I really did. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be working and I really don’t have time to fix it now. The code¬†and files are all there, so it probably won’t be too hard to get it working once I do find time. I do have a question about it though. Why is there no callback to let us know when it has finished loading?

One weird thing is that “spritesheet.js” will not load at all. In fact, it completely hangs up the asset loader Javascript code and keeps the game from running. I had to comment it out. I was not really using spritesheet.js anyway, but I find it curious that it could somehow stop the show even though I was not calling that code. Another mystery to be solved when I have the time — later.

And speaking of the asset loader and atlases, I asked the following question on the Udacity forum and as far as I know at the time of this writing there has been no reply yet. Here is the question:

If loading images one at a time is such a bottleneck that we create a single image instead and then use it as an atlas, why don’t we combine all of our Javascript files into one file? (Probable answer: very different file sizes and load times between images and plain text.) Given that I have to flush my browser’s cache (or tell it not to cache in the first place) in order to run my latest Javascript code anyway, it seems like it would not be such a hardship to keep it all in one file. That is generally not good programming practice, I know, but given all of these other issues, it seems reasonable — and if not, at least after everything is finished it seems reasonable to combine all of the Javascript into one file. This is particularly the case because I ended up having to load my Javascript files in at least three batches to avoid race conditions on code dependency.

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