How to Make an iOS App: Course (Lectures) Complete

I have completed watching the lessons for this final course in the Nanodegree program, which means I have finished all of this Nanodegree’s video lectures. I still have the last two projects to finish: “Virtual Tourist” and my capstone project app “Steampunk Road”.

So it has taken me precisely four months to get to this point. Using my timeline for my final project, it looks as though it will be another two months before all of my work for the Nanodegree is complete. Of course, the duration from start to finish will be different for everyone, and especially different from mine if you are not working full-time and have an active family life.

Would I recommend the courses to aspiring developers? My answer would have to be a qualified “Yes”. There is much to be appreciated here, but there are also many faults. Be prepared to use at least one outside source to help you, or at least lean heavily on the course forums.

Would I recommend the courses to established developers? Not necessarily. Although you can probably learn something from the videos, the flaws in them are more pronounced to those who can understand what is going on.

I still have a lot of reflection to do for that final project, so I will try to post those here over these next two months (or more).

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