How to Make an iOS App: What Makes a “Good” iOS App?

I have found the information I need to make the “Virtual Tourist” app, plus I now know how to actually use the “Virtual Tourist” app provided by Udacity on Apple’s App Store, but I am starting the final course of the iOS Developer Nanodegree whilst also working on that app. Part of “How to Make an iOS App” is answering questions, some of which I will answer here and others which I will probably keep private to protect my intellectual property.

The first question is “What makes a good iOS App?” The answer is very much the same as the answer to the question “What makes any product good?” And the answer to that question is, “You feel better after using the product (app) than before.”

But that sort of begs the question, “What about an app makes you feel good?” And there are many answers to that question. An app that makes you feel good is probably:

  • Simple
  • Intuitive
  • Beautiful
    • Visually
    • Aurally
  • Engaging
  • Entertaining
  • Challenging (at least for me)
  • Inspiring
  • Tells a compelling story
  • Humorous

And of course, that list could go on and on. Plus, the list will most certainly be different for different people. It might also be informative to list the opposites, to show what an app should not be:

  • Unnecessarily complicated
  • Unintuitive
  • Ugly
  • Dull
  • Boring
  • Unchallenging
  • Uninspiring
  • Pointless
  • Humorless

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