iOS Persistence and Core Data: VirtualTourist

“VirtualTourist” is supposed to be the app we create at the conclusion of this course. Like “On the Map”, it only gets the briefest of mentions during the course and none of the necessary resources are obviously available. There is an app from Udacity available in Apple’s App Store: “Virtual Tourist Portfolio App for iOS”. Unfortunately, and this does not bode well, the app appears to be relatively non-functional. It solitary usefulness in this course is in its description:

This app allows you to virtually tour any place on the planet! Simply drop a pin anywhere on the map, and instantly browse nearby Flickr photos. It’s like you’re there already…or something.

If you are still working on the earlier courses in the nanodegree, example “Pitch Perfect” and “On the Map” apps from Udacity are also available. They appear to be in working order.

Update! The “Virtual Tourist Portfolio App for iOS” actually works! You just need to use a long-press to drop a pin, and then you can tap that pin to see pictures from that area. Perhaps Udacity needs to add a course onĀ onboarding?!

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