iOS Networking with Swift: Lesson 0 and Lesson 1

First off, I wouldn’t mind the course designer getting cute and starting with Lesson 0 instead of Lesson 1 if the Udacity system supported it. Unfortunately, Udacity does not. Therefore, Lesson 0 is listed as “Lesson 1” in the Udacity menu system, and each Lesson n is listed as Lesson n+1. Although not very confusing, it is still pointlessly confusing.

Secondly, unlike the previous course, the menu system only lists one lesson at a time. This would not be quite so annoying if I had not already experienced the benefits of being able to look back and look ahead without jumping all the way back to the course roadmap.

I like the presenters and, for the most part, the way the material is presented. In Lesson 1: Using Web Services and APIs (I am using their lesson numbers, not Udacity’s), there is still way too much of “Here, look at this code, copy it into your project, and then run it.”

Lesson 0: Making a Network Request was entertaining and informative enough. As it has been some time since I viewed the lesson and there was not much new to me within it, that analysis will have to suffice. On to Lesson 1.

I both like and dislike the use of Flikr for this app. I like that we are using a real, honest-to-goodness commercial API that we might want to actually use for some future app. I dislike the confusion of “photo-this” and “photo-that” though, and the presenter even acknowledges the problem. They chose fairly well however because that API, and particularly the JSON data it returns, show considerable depth and expose a variety of JSON object types.

Please note that even the new code in this lesson is slightly out-of-date. Nothing too difficult to handle though. Xcode’s auto-fix will generally guide you in the right direction.

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