UIKit Fundamentals: Bits and Pieces

This post probably concludes my look at the UIKit Fundamentals course. I am still finishing up MemeMe 2.0, but I doubt I will have anything to add after completing it. There were two additional bits and pieces I wanted to address though.

The first is a line of code that you may or may not encounter in step6.1-bondVillains-noTabs. In that code is a left-over call (from an Xcode 6 template, I believe) to registerClass(_, forCellWithReuseIdentifier:). If you fail to delete that line of code, any attempt at creating a cell in the storyboard will be for naught. The line has been deleted from subsequent iterations of the Bond Villains app (steps 6.2 through 6.4), so it will only cause you grief if you try to add a cell in the storyboard in step 6.1 (as I did).

The second issue is the complete lack of a textual rubric or outline or list of requirements or checklist for the MemeMe 2.0 project near the end of this lesson. There were checklists for other, less challenging apps in this course; why not for the biggest, most complex app? Instead, I have to go back through the videos and try and find every last little requirement and make my own checklist. That may be an important skill to have, but I know this omission was not an intentional teaching device.  I just can’t understand this oversight.

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