UIKit Fundamentals: MemeMe 2.0

I am through with the online content of this final lesson, and therefore the course, but I still need to complete the project. I have to say that they dropped the ball a bit at the end here, mixing up tab controllers and collection view controllers was not such a good idea. There is not much to implementing tab controllers, but it is made much more confusing than it needs to be because of introducing collection view controllers at the same time.

What is worse, the introduction of collection view controllers is haphazard at best. They use things before they present and explain them, and then they explain other things twice in a row. Explaining things twice in a row is in and of itself is not so bad — there is something positive to be said for repetition — but considered alongside the lack of explaining other things makes it clear that this final lesson was rushed and poorly planned-out.

I will try to wrap things up after I finish the final project.

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